The rub of the “Green” goes the yanks way!

Well we are at it now, waka waka and the like. 2 days , 5 matches and already 3 draws. Perhaps the dullest has to be the french game. Southa Africa and Mexico cancelled each other out. (Tshabalala and Marquez without the ponytail). France and uruguay played out a boring 0-0, credit goes to Govou, who missed a sitter (while perfectly standing on his two feet). Perhaps the best draw so far has to be England USA game. A 4th minute Gerrard goal gave the English the dream start to their campaign. The surprise package in the starting lineup Robert Green single handedly(or was it two hands) gave USA the lead with a trademark (english) gaffe by failing to collect a clint dempsey shot as it rolled from under the English Goalie in to the net. With neither team able to add to their tally, the game ended 1-1. The draw was pretty much expected at the start of the game, but the way in which the English started off gave a lot of promise to the fans.

Roo was almost anonymous, tremendous marking by the americans, The ardie boys axis wasn’t quite working the magic, that was expected. Milner got withdrawn midway through first half and King came off during the halftime to be replaced by Carragher. Heskey missed a one-on-one with the goalie, by shooting straight at him. It all panned out to be exactly what you expect from the English. The only thing that was missing was the gaffe, which came out as planned during the 40th minute of the game.