The Escalator Postulation

Spoiler Alert : This post does not contain sarcasm , satire or anything related to the same.

How do you define achievement? Or to narrow down the whole point of this post , in a personal sense how do you identify underachievement? Unfortunately life does not present us with quantifiable terms most of the time. Joy , Sorrow , anger cannot be measured, atleast for now. Conventionally under/over achieving is defined based on potential that the particular individual possesses. Quite like the vicious circle that life is, there is no particular way of measuring potential. As I write this , I realise that sometimes ambition is also taken as a factor in defining the success/failure of a certain action. Take for example ,a fitness regime, you wanted yourself to run 2Kms everyday. Now this is just an ambition and is in no way a benchmark. A benchmark in this case would be the optimum running distance that an individual can/should run everyday. Now this benchmark is pretty straightforward because the factors involved are known, ie the age and other health related factors. So if your ambition of 2km per day is in excess of the optimum benchmark and you do not pull it off, can it be a valid point for disappointment?   Okay , I am getting carried away here. The whole idea behind this post came as i witnessed a routine happening at work today. At the place I work there are numerous escalators involved. For someone who is used to being on an escalator, riding one is routine,pedestrian and commonplace. But when I noticed ‘newbies’ on the escalator , I could see that their faces indicated a sense of being overawed and excited. Naturally this put a dilemma in my mind. Sometimes when we do something for the first time in our life, we do feel that it is not natural for us, but it would be criminally wrong to arrive at the conclusion : ” this is the last time i am doing this”. Essentially the principle I would like to derive is not to be overawed by things in life and consider them to be something that will happen in life and not to be overawed.

But the critical factor shall lie in identifying a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to a common everyday situation. It remains to be seen whether this can be applied to all situations , irrespective of the gravity of the situation in question


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