“We are like this only”

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29th september 2010

Just a couple of days ago , I came across this article on the TOI with the same title as this post. It explained in many ways how Indians were and are, contrary to public opinion, more hygienic. Subsequent pages cried out about lack of basic public hygiene. Weird country we live in. Why the sudden outcry you ask? Because the Indian govt is trying to organise what is known as the Commonwealth Games. Though reports and articles by BBC show otherwise, the Delhi Govt and the Committee headed by Mr.Suresh Kalmadi seemed to indicate that the games would take place without a glitch. How much does the common man care about all this ?? A multibillion dollar adventure when the country is

1. At war with the Naxals in Jharkand , West Bengal

2. At war with Separatists in Kashmir

3. trying to tame China which is  breathing down its necks in the border

The only truth being that the commonman isn’t worried about anything unless it is in anyway directly affecting him/her. The apathy only kind of soothes the kind of everyday problems that he/she is facing. Will you or me be directly affected if the CWG hits a glitch??


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