The Game no one really wanted to win

One small question put forward to Ravi Shastri, How many times does he actually mean what he says?? “The atmosphere here is electric”, the atmosphere here is absolutely electric. I guess by that he means it is plainly electric and nothing electronic. Just as “it was nothing personal , just business” . Next time I hear him saying that electric thingy , I am gonna keep count just to start a social cause for him to save ‘electricity’. Coming to what was originally the point of this whole post , the tied game or as I would like to call the ‘Game that no one really wanted to win’.

I mean what team would score 330 odd or even and give up 270 odd for just 2 wickets and suddenly remember they are not playing a warm up match?? And what team would choke (almost) within touching distance after their opening left handed batsman/ captain scores a century? No not South Africa. Everybody was on the edge of their seats, well, everyone except Deepika Padukone, wonder what happened there. A few UDRS reviews , ‘well of course’s later no one won. Ya you heard it right no one won.


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