A Shared-Auto Ride!!

To Share (v) : joint use of a resource or space. In its narrow sense, it refers to joint or alternating use of an inherently finite good, such as a common pasture or a shared residence. It is also the process of dividing and distributing. .

Unknown to the definition framers over at Wikipedia.org exists a sinister and more practical meaning for the word ‘Sharing’. It can only be appreciated by someone who has , for at least for once in their life, put their life on the line while traveling on one of the more modern methods of Transit in IT-India. No we are not talking about Jet skis or roller blades but the “Share-Auto”.

Notice the sinister use of the word share. It doesn’t actually mean that you get a share of space on the vehicle. No,  No No. Share-Auto riding refers to an ingenius cost cutting solution that allows upto 20 people to travel on an Auto. The Share-Auto is as much an adventure sport as it is an ingenious economic solution. Imagine able to travel Kms in an Indian Suburb for 1/10th the original fare. But like all schemes offered by Super villains, the Share-Auto has a catch.

Imagine having to packed like sardines in an auto , which mentions 7 in all. For those who might think that it means the total number of passengers, I pity you all. It actually refers to the number of people that can/should be accommodated in every possible direction. Perilous you  think?? Oh we are not done yet.

Like all things modern , the Share-Auto also has a sinister sidekick, if you would. It is called the MP3Player. Yes you heard it right. As you travel from point A to point B clinging to the inches allotted to you by the driver’s right hand , i e the Cleaner, you are made to listen to minutes of brilliant music that you didn’t know existed. Some of them are the most mind-numbing tracks of the 90s to the blatant techno hits of Himmesh Reshammiya!!! I guess there can be a separate post for the “Shared-Auto” discography. Here are some of the tracks that seem to hit the top in this category.


This is perhaps the most epic song  i have ever heard on a share-auto. Listen to the lyrics , the underlying meaning, the pathos . Try to listen to this with a straight face.

you just have to marvel at the vocal range of Kumar Sanu in the era of these songs.
Simple 90’s/Late 80’s Bollywood MYooSick Generator = (Kumar Sanu + Alka Yagnik) (Copious amounts of Meherbaan, Saaheban, Dil,Jigar,Pyaar)

This one has to be my most favorite irritant song. It takes the cake. Thank god there aren’t video screens yet. Else you would have to put up with the voice as well as the face!!! *gasp*. And to add to all there is the techno-remix version that is most played.

cue :facepalm!!
Cost Cutting does have it’s perils ya know.


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