How to lose fans and alienate people?

Every Cricket fan’s dilemma

A global event like the World Cup offers opportunities to the host country to open up to global tourism. But the BCCI thinks otherwise. Even before the ‘showpiece’ event kicked off , I felt that there was very little hype/publicity surrounding the tournament. It feels like the BCCI were working on the sole premise that has brought in the moolah – “Cricket sells”. How else can you explain Ten Cricket acquiring the rights for “Jharkand Premier League”??

In a country where Cricketers are revered as Gods and damned as Traitors based on the latest results, BCCI knew from the start that they need not go out and sell their product to the world. People would buy at any cost. But the scenes at Nagpur and Bengalooru show the real apathy that the cricketing board has towards the fans. One can blame the public for creating a scene and disorder at the ticketing areas but much onus should have been on the board to make sure that everything runs smoothly. On top of all this comes the news that the general public might not have tickets for the world cup final.

Is the ICC killing it’s own tournament screams the article in the previous link. Which I feel is very much true. Every Indian fan would have harbored the hopes of watching the finals on Apr 2 , but with the lottery system and the chaos surrounding the ticket sales, I am not sure how many people would bother. If the performances of the Indian team are anything to go by, buying a ticket to the finals seems too much pain for nothing.


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