Change The Game : The Kadavule Kaappathu Shot!!! Or Hey Bhagwan Mujhe Bachaoo Shot!!

Well you have all seen Pietersen with the Tharbooza

Dilshan with the Pallu

Bhajji with his tingly


What if the people over at Pepsi “get idea”?? This is my version of “Change the Game”


Player Involved : Prince of Kolkata , The Person other than God on the offside : Sourav Ganguly

Location : Pillayar Koil Near Chennai (peculiar location , anything other than Kolkata would be so, but let us take the poetic license)

Initial sequences shall show Sourav getting hit , left , right and centre. See left first, kolkata special. < I guess sourav never went to night clubs, he was afraid of bouncers>. Now getting back to business, Sourav watches devotees doing the ashirvad(no , not the atta), hands above in praying position, head bowed down,saying “Kadavule Kappaathu” . Sourav feels it is an elegant way to handle bouncers. “Ippa matchlayum ippadiye pannu” . Sourav duly obliges.

Here are some tips for Dada to Pull it off πŸ˜›

Step 1 : Now , close your eyes, Dada

Step 2: Put your Hands up to your chest, duck your head.

Step 3: Now Turn 360 degrees saying “Kadavule Kappathu” (Hey Bhagwan, Mujhe Bachaooo)

Cue Background Music : “kadavule Kappathu , kadavule kappathu

Sourav : “The official sponsor of : The Kadavule Kappathu shot”

If Sourav does follow this , he might have to “Change the game”, play golf if he could πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Change The Game : The Kadavule Kaappathu Shot!!! Or Hey Bhagwan Mujhe Bachaoo Shot!!

    • shriram, i am looking into a “varum aaana varaadhu” ball starring munaf patel, ashish nehra, zaheer khan, venkatesh prasad, to name a few πŸ™‚

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