The Day Has Finally Arrived!!

The Day that every cricket fan in this Cricket Crazy country dreams about is finally here.

The finals of the ODI world cup. India Vs Srilanka. India has been on and off in this tournament, beating only the minnows before managing to beat the windies to comfortably make it to the next stage. After a lacklustre group stage performance the wins against the Aussies was just the boost we required for the world to consider us the favorites again. A mouth watering semifinals clash against the Arch rivals proved that Dhoni’s midas touch might have gone from his batting but not his captaincy. After successfully turning Nehra from the most hated man in the country to a hero against pakistan, Dhoni is back as India’s ‘coolest’ captain. (ya ofcourse).

While the “bollywood” biggies and the political hotshots will cheer for India at Mumbai, the real fans of the Men In Blue will be praying in front of TV sets, in their homes, outside TV showrooms, in shops that have one creaking TV set, praying that the Cup remains in the country, for It is the last world cup game for the most favorite son of India, Sachin Tendulkar.


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