Rise of the planet of the apes .. koranguthanamana padam

Stepping in 15 minutes to watch a movie that is the prequel of a movie that i didn’t watch doesn’t help, but i found RotPotA quite ok.

A supposedly ravishing < perhaps it was simi garewal who found her so> and rock-hardplace james franco are the only notable human characters in this movie. Oh and there is this guy who plays Draco Malfoy from Harry potter, he plays a mean kid. There was also Christian Lithgow, the guy who plays the meanest killer on tv ( the trinity killer on Dexter). He plays James Franco’s alzheimer’s affected Dad. Every now and then i thought he was gonna trash Pinto’s head ( she has a really confusing accent) or the neighbour who keeps abusing him.

But it was more notable that the movie felt like a typical tamil movie, only for the actors to be replaced by monkeys.  I swear there were scenes lifted from the Tamil blockbuster Bhaasha.

The movie revolves around the rise of the .. you get it. The movie was way too long for me , i dozed off , woke up to find the monkeys still kicking some human arse. Maybe if you watch the original , you might like it .The special effects are good, certain sequences where the main protagonist simian – Caesar , gathers the rest of the apes is one to remember.


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