Why this Hypocrisy Hypocrisy di?

Ok, sorry for the title. It should read Favoritism , but hypocrisy goes too. I was just peeking in to The Hindu today. And guess what I saw??


Turning to the sports page, I saw almost a half page article dedicated to the UEFA Champions league, then a smaller one proclaiming the ‘Remarkable Rise of Norwich’ . Yes , Norwich city of the EPL. Now I am a footy fan and all for it. But turning to the next page I saw I league getting a passable mention. Now, this sickens me. I know probably the Hindu doesn’t have the obligation to post a bigger piece on Indian Football. After all the UEFA post was sourced from a foreign newspaper. But the Norwich article seems to be written by an Indian author. Should I put it down to laziness or favoritism?? The biggest domestic competition in the country deserves better coverage, definitely. But I would be happy that

the Hindu atleast has a feature on I League.


It is common to see sports headlines on websites, newspapers in India blaring out on European football, whilst happily neglecting it’s Indian Counterpart. Sad.


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