How to lose fans and alienate people?

Every Cricket fan’s dilemma

A global event like the World Cup offers opportunities to the host country to open up to global tourism. But the BCCI thinks otherwise. Even before the ‘showpiece’ event kicked off , I felt that there was very little hype/publicity surrounding the tournament. It feels like the BCCI were working on the sole premise that has brought in the moolah – “Cricket sells”. How else can you explain Ten Cricket acquiring the rights for “Jharkand Premier League”??

In a country where Cricketers are revered as Gods and damned as Traitors based on the latest results, BCCI knew from the start that they need not go out and sell their product to the world. People would buy at any cost. But the scenes at Nagpur and Bengalooru show the real apathy that the cricketing board has towards the fans. One can blame the public for creating a scene and disorder at the ticketing areas but much onus should have been on the board to make sure that everything runs smoothly. On top of all this comes the news that the general public might not have tickets for the world cup final.

Is the ICC killing it’s own tournament screams the article in the previous link. Which I feel is very much true. Every Indian fan would have harbored the hopes of watching the finals on Apr 2 , but with the lottery system and the chaos surrounding the ticket sales, I am not sure how many people would bother. If the performances of the Indian team are anything to go by, buying a ticket to the finals seems too much pain for nothing.


A Shared-Auto Ride!!

To Share (v) : joint use of a resource or space. In its narrow sense, it refers to joint or alternating use of an inherently finite good, such as a common pasture or a shared residence. It is also the process of dividing and distributing. .

Unknown to the definition framers over at exists a sinister and more practical meaning for the word ‘Sharing’. It can only be appreciated by someone who has , for at least for once in their life, put their life on the line while traveling on one of the more modern methods of Transit in IT-India. No we are not talking about Jet skis or roller blades but the “Share-Auto”.

Notice the sinister use of the word share. It doesn’t actually mean that you get a share of space on the vehicle. No,  No No. Share-Auto riding refers to an ingenius cost cutting solution that allows upto 20 people to travel on an Auto. The Share-Auto is as much an adventure sport as it is an ingenious economic solution. Imagine able to travel Kms in an Indian Suburb for 1/10th the original fare. But like all schemes offered by Super villains, the Share-Auto has a catch.

Imagine having to packed like sardines in an auto , which mentions 7 in all. For those who might think that it means the total number of passengers, I pity you all. It actually refers to the number of people that can/should be accommodated in every possible direction. Perilous you  think?? Oh we are not done yet.

Like all things modern , the Share-Auto also has a sinister sidekick, if you would. It is called the MP3Player. Yes you heard it right. As you travel from point A to point B clinging to the inches allotted to you by the driver’s right hand , i e the Cleaner, you are made to listen to minutes of brilliant music that you didn’t know existed. Some of them are the most mind-numbing tracks of the 90s to the blatant techno hits of Himmesh Reshammiya!!! I guess there can be a separate post for the “Shared-Auto” discography. Here are some of the tracks that seem to hit the top in this category.


This is perhaps the most epic song  i have ever heard on a share-auto. Listen to the lyrics , the underlying meaning, the pathos . Try to listen to this with a straight face.

you just have to marvel at the vocal range of Kumar Sanu in the era of these songs.
Simple 90’s/Late 80’s Bollywood MYooSick Generator = (Kumar Sanu + Alka Yagnik) (Copious amounts of Meherbaan, Saaheban, Dil,Jigar,Pyaar)

This one has to be my most favorite irritant song. It takes the cake. Thank god there aren’t video screens yet. Else you would have to put up with the voice as well as the face!!! *gasp*. And to add to all there is the techno-remix version that is most played.

cue :facepalm!!
Cost Cutting does have it’s perils ya know.

The Game no one really wanted to win

One small question put forward to Ravi Shastri, How many times does he actually mean what he says?? “The atmosphere here is electric”, the atmosphere here is absolutely electric. I guess by that he means it is plainly electric and nothing electronic. Just as “it was nothing personal , just business” . Next time I hear him saying that electric thingy , I am gonna keep count just to start a social cause for him to save ‘electricity’. Coming to what was originally the point of this whole post , the tied game or as I would like to call the ‘Game that no one really wanted to win’.

I mean what team would score 330 odd or even and give up 270 odd for just 2 wickets and suddenly remember they are not playing a warm up match?? And what team would choke (almost) within touching distance after their opening left handed batsman/ captain scores a century? No not South Africa. Everybody was on the edge of their seats, well, everyone except Deepika Padukone, wonder what happened there. A few UDRS reviews , ‘well of course’s later no one won. Ya you heard it right no one won.

1996 World Cup comes to Asia, again

The last time the world cup was held in the subcontinent was 15 years ago. Like many people of my age group, this is the first world cup. 15 years on, the World cup returns to the subcontinent, only to be greeted by the non availablity of Eden Gardens, a pity indeed. 

But what remains frozen in mind are the memories of the most magical moments of the ’96 world cup. I can vividly remember the opening ceremony, the laser light displays (i hope) and all the gala. This was the world cup where Lanka came ahead of the pack, where teams were hit by the gale force of the Jaysuriya-Li’l Kalu combine and further pulverised by the likes of Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda De Silva. Though they went on to defeat the mighty Aussies in the finals , the most lasting memories pertain to the games that India played. Who could forget the verbal battle between Venkatesh Prasad and Aamir Sohail or the complete destruction of the pakistan bowling attack by Ajay Jadeja. Then there were solo efforts by Sachin against Windies , Australia and Lanka.

The definite moment to forget for every Indian fan would be the semifinals. It is not so much the loss but the manner in which the game had to be forfeited that still depresses me. Chasing a stiff target set by the lankans india were reduced to around 120 odd with 8 wickets down. The match had to be forfeited as a result of crowd trouble protesting the lacklustre performance from the team which was carrying the hopes of a huge nation. The image of Vinod Kambli reduced to tears while returning to the dressing room still remains fresh in memory. Lets just hope that such visuals do not manifest themselves this time around.

That which comes Once every four years: Part 1!!

Nope I am not talking about february29th. Well it’s about the World Cup Of Cricket!!

For any Indian male growing up in the late 80’s, there are somethings that he has grow up with. 1. Cricket(though ,unfortunately it applies to every indian male) 2. Sachin Tendulkar 3. A.R.Rehman. And being born in 1988, I was not immune to these 3 things. Now that the Cricket World Cup is coming home (atleast for the time that its held here), I thought “why not look back at the world cups that I have seen in my life?” And here they are. Honest reflections and views on the “Gentleman’s game” , so to speak.

“We are like this only”

From the Archives

29th september 2010

Just a couple of days ago , I came across this article on the TOI with the same title as this post. It explained in many ways how Indians were and are, contrary to public opinion, more hygienic. Subsequent pages cried out about lack of basic public hygiene. Weird country we live in. Why the sudden outcry you ask? Because the Indian govt is trying to organise what is known as the Commonwealth Games. Though reports and articles by BBC show otherwise, the Delhi Govt and the Committee headed by Mr.Suresh Kalmadi seemed to indicate that the games would take place without a glitch. How much does the common man care about all this ?? A multibillion dollar adventure when the country is

1. At war with the Naxals in Jharkand , West Bengal

2. At war with Separatists in Kashmir

3. trying to tame China which is  breathing down its necks in the border

The only truth being that the commonman isn’t worried about anything unless it is in anyway directly affecting him/her. The apathy only kind of soothes the kind of everyday problems that he/she is facing. Will you or me be directly affected if the CWG hits a glitch??

The Escalator Postulation

Spoiler Alert : This post does not contain sarcasm , satire or anything related to the same.

How do you define achievement? Or to narrow down the whole point of this post , in a personal sense how do you identify underachievement? Unfortunately life does not present us with quantifiable terms most of the time. Joy , Sorrow , anger cannot be measured, atleast for now. Conventionally under/over achieving is defined based on potential that the particular individual possesses. Quite like the vicious circle that life is, there is no particular way of measuring potential. As I write this , I realise that sometimes ambition is also taken as a factor in defining the success/failure of a certain action. Take for example ,a fitness regime, you wanted yourself to run 2Kms everyday. Now this is just an ambition and is in no way a benchmark. A benchmark in this case would be the optimum running distance that an individual can/should run everyday. Now this benchmark is pretty straightforward because the factors involved are known, ie the age and other health related factors. So if your ambition of 2km per day is in excess of the optimum benchmark and you do not pull it off, can it be a valid point for disappointment?   Okay , I am getting carried away here. The whole idea behind this post came as i witnessed a routine happening at work today. At the place I work there are numerous escalators involved. For someone who is used to being on an escalator, riding one is routine,pedestrian and commonplace. But when I noticed ‘newbies’ on the escalator , I could see that their faces indicated a sense of being overawed and excited. Naturally this put a dilemma in my mind. Sometimes when we do something for the first time in our life, we do feel that it is not natural for us, but it would be criminally wrong to arrive at the conclusion : ” this is the last time i am doing this”. Essentially the principle I would like to derive is not to be overawed by things in life and consider them to be something that will happen in life and not to be overawed.

But the critical factor shall lie in identifying a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity to a common everyday situation. It remains to be seen whether this can be applied to all situations , irrespective of the gravity of the situation in question