Bring on the F1 I say!

The Baron from Bengalooru should ve felt hard done when Mr.Gill said – F1 , What eet ees?(though not verbatim , this was almost what he said). Almost Luck By Chance, MA India(F=M.A and not to be confused with Mother India) finished 2nd thanks to their now Former Driver Giancarlo Fisichella. Bengalooru boss(BB from here on in) could ve been singing Pardesi Pardesi jaana nahi, but Fisi had to go back to Ferrari. Getting back to the point, BB is adamant of bringing the ‘sport’ of F1 to India. There can be quite a few takers for the event to take place given the great roads of  The country. Yet as BB looks out to find another driver for his team, signs are he may still be cryin – ” F1, F1″. He he

Here is my nominee for the Force’India’ team – QuickGun Murugan!!! Though i couldn’t reach the superhero for my support, QGM would be more than a handful I say! Mystery still remains , Where will they get the tracks for such a race?? Not from Pritam though! He he!


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